Review: The Drizzle – The City Is Bleeding

The Drizzle serve up a dish of angsty indie rock from Greece. Yet whilst the hallmarks of their repertoire has a distinctly British flavour, there’s plenty of hints of Greek passions too.

‘Cold’ is a fine way to start. After an impressive sequence of dazzling guitar and keyboard riffage, in come the melodramatic vocals of the singer. Standing alone, they sound rather fragile but when they are joined by the riffs again, The Drizzle’s anthemic rock begins to take shape. For ‘Fake Love’ and ‘Years Of Falling’ though, there’s a bit too much wallowing and metal influences on show. At least by the time of final track ‘Breathe’, they recover form as – for once – their emotions are balanced and complimented by a genuinely affecting tune.

One could argue that, like their name, The Drizzle are a watered down proposition but consider Oldham’s Puressence, who have gathered a huge following in Greece and there’s evidence that their earnest, epic rock has fed in to the work of this band too. Certainly, there’s enough promise here to suggest a decent future for the band.

Web Sites:
The Drizzle MySpace
The City Is Bleeding iTunes Page

Further Listening:
Puressence, Marina Siertis, Demis Tzivis


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