Review: Unknown Component – Blood V. Electricity

After completing ten albums’ worth of material, one would reasonably expect a levelling out in quality. Thus far, Unknown Component’s Keith Lynch has kept his arrangements pretty subtle to prolong his reputation as a bedroom studio-style singer songwriter/producer; rather like an electronic version of Eels. His new album, however, represents something of a departure.

Unknown Component Album Cover

An ambitious production is the first factor which is striking about ‘Blood V. Electricity’. There’s an opening sequence of electronica and piano to usher in opener ‘Intuition’ (which remains a lush constant) but the reassuringly downbeat tones of Keith Lynch brings the listener back to reality. ‘Nowhere Is Alone’ consists of multiple instrumental layers but at its core is an insistent guitar rhythm and a chilling echo added to Lynch’s already haunted vocal whereas ‘Sensory Deprivation’ brings on a post-rock storm of guitars. The strident ‘Pendulum’ possesses a confidence that didn’t seem so possible after a decade of retreating in the margins and it’s an impression that is only emphasised by the similarly epic ‘For All Intents & Purposes’. Even ‘Painting The Weather’, perhaps the airiest track on here, is sumptuously arranged too.

There may be a bit more spit and polish than usual on this record but be reassured that the integrity and grittiness remain intact. Indeed, this could be an album which has the potential to elevate Lynch from indie underdog to a level of fame which seemed somewhat elusive before.

Web Sites:
Unknown Component Official Site
Soundcloud Stream

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