Review: Midnight Moodswings & Seiswork – The Dopamine Recursive

An album named ‘The Dopamine Recursive’ is described as “Imaginary people telling imaginary stories to imaginary listeners”. So that’s cleared any vagueness up then. To give a more tangible description, Seiswork is a glitch-hop artist from Belgium whereas Midnight Moodswings is a post-rock act operating from Pittsburgh. It would be fair to say that neither act particularly compromises on their chosen style on this collaboration but what could have led to self indulgent results is instead replaced by intelligent, evocative instrumental tracks.

Album Cover for 'The Dopamine Recursive'

Ambient/modern classical opener ‘The Floor Is’ turns out to be one of the more simplistic and relaxed pieces but its haunted piano motif is surely an appetiser that something really bad is about to happen. This being a rather unpredictable record, though, the sense of expectation is only half right. ‘A Good Place’ and ‘To Sleep’ both consist of infectious, rustic guitar melody allied with a selection of busy beats whilst the excellent ‘Tell The Difference’ paints a picture of dangerous times in futuristic cities via its dramatic stentorian keyboards and dark trip hop. Granted, the air of nightmares is never far away but the artists refuse to overstep the mark of challenging music being made unlistenable.

Indeed, however incongruous these supposed sound clashes might appear on paper, the results are surprisingly approachable and tuneful. The only slight flaw is that the album is a rather austere experience, meaning that it would work better as a soundtrack to visuals rather than as a standalone piece.

Web Sites:
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