Review: Quiet Child – The Coming Storm

Quiet Child are an Australian progressive rock band who have recently announced, as a live band at least, to call it quits. This is certainly a shame although for purely selfish reasons this may be a good thing, since they can now concentrate on crafting more fine albums such as ‘The Coming Storm’, their most recent effort.

Quiet Child Album Cover

There is a focus about Quiet Child which means they avoid the usual prog rock clichés. These songs have been written and arranged to merit repeated plays. Instrumental solos are few in number and when they do use them, they are present for better reasons than to merely show off. ‘Dawn Brings Warmth’ represents an early showcase for the vocal  range of Peter Spiker but also for some subtle keyboard skills. A morose piano melody adds dignity to the stately ‘Ghost Town’ and the subtle ‘Hotel Shade’ is shrouded in an attractively eerie cloud.

They fare less well when they add a harder edge to their music so the metallic guitars of ‘Cannonfire March’ signals a rare misstep but when the anger is controlled for the meandering but compelling ‘Without Borders’, the results are much more appealing. The band reach their peak, though, on ‘I’ve Found Some Poison’ where the elements of Spiker’s falsetto, a  rich Hammond organ, anguished guitars and caressed percussion all dovetail together in perfect unison, whilst the unbridled emotion of ‘Conditions’ is a powerful and excellent way to end the record.

Quiet Child are definitely a prog rock act but – for the most part – there is little indication of the self indulgence often associated with this music. This is a band who have clearly honed their skills from over nine years as a live act and it is hoped this won’t be the last recording we hear from them.

Web Sites:
Quiet Child Official Site
Quiet Child Bandcamp

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