Review: Morphlexis – E-mune

Known as a plastic and video artist in his native Israel, Benjamin Esterlis has been proving his musician/producer credentials under the moniker of Morphlexis since the turn of the Century. On ‘E-mune’, he has duly delivered another set of largely instrumental numbers which give machine music a good name.

Morphlexis EP Cover

The title track is at least a partial throwback to the days of drum and bass but the depth charge beats and wicked tempo shifts create an unsettling yet compelling atmosphere. It is basically a scene setter for what is to follow though. Lurching bass and jazz rhythms usher in the brilliant ‘Beating The Devil’, with the track characterised by a lugubrious vocal and some macabre melodies.

Based on titles alone, the second half to the EP appears to give life to inanimate objects and does a fine job of it too. The skittering beats and (what appears to be) faulty plumbing noise of ‘The Secret Lives Of Elevators’ may sound unpromising but it’s a piece which captivates. Finally, we have the equally modestly-titled ‘Parking Lot Theme’, which gives the impression of a downbeat version of 808 State’s ‘Olympic’.

‘E-mune’ is a fascinating EP full of melodic and rhythmic about-turns that never lets the you settle for a moment. The only surprise is that Esterlis has been dong this for so long as it sounds remarkably fresh and perfect for headphone listening.

Web Sites:
Bandcamp Stream for Morphlexis – E-mune

Further Listening:
808 State, Vladislav Delay, DK7


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