Review: Bad Lieutenant – Never Cry Another Tear

After 2005’s hugely disappointing ‘Waiting For The Sirens’ Call’, it was almost inevitable that New Order would split soon after. Sure enough it appears New Order’s career will now be bookended by their two weakest albums. The chances of either Peter Hook or Bernard Sumner staging an injury time recovery seemed unlikely but the latter’s new band – formed with fellow New Order member Phil Cunningham – is a surprisingly youthful-sounding  and vibrant record.  So much so, it’s easy to forget Sumner is now in his early fifties.

To say that Bad Lieutenant revisit the past would be a massive understatement. ‘Sink Or Swim’ is based on a spiralling riff; not unlike that other New Order “spin off” project Monaco. and surely the opening to ‘Shine Like The Sun’ is more than a passing nod to ‘Love Vigilantes’. Elsewhere, ‘Poisonous Intent’ revives the digital glories of Electronic and ‘These Changes’ is strongly reminiscent of Doves.

Of course, not everything works. The inclusion of female backing vocals sounds instantly dated for all the wrong reasons and several songs are largely devoid of inspiration (summed up by “Lift up your heart and sing. Life is a precious thing.” from the inappropriately-named ‘Dynamo’). No matter, because the good outweighs the mediocre this time around. In keeping with the happy/sad moods of the album, ‘Summer Day’s captures a sense of sun-kissed melancholia and ‘Walk On Silver Water’ is another strong album track.

Rather like Peter Hook’s aforementioned Monaco, Bad Lieutenant will never achieve the invention and high points of New Order but ‘Never Cry Another Tear’ still qualifies as a strong indie guitar album, resplendent with summery charm. They may no longer be at the head of the pack but they still snarl at the heels of the front runners.

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Bad Lieutenant Official Site
Bad Lieutenant MySpace

Further Listening:
New Order, Monaco, Doves

1 Response to “Review: Bad Lieutenant – Never Cry Another Tear”

  1. 1 Kelly Pre January 14, 2010 at 7:03 pm

    I had a chance to listen to this cd and it is very good. If you like great guitar playing, synths and great melodies you will love this. There is not one bad song on this album, from start to finish this cd rocks, with great New Order style moments in it. Bernard Sumner is a musical genius who has worked with New Order, Electronic and Joy division. If you like this cd Please give New order and Electronic a listen and you will love it, also listen to the first Album By a band called MONACO called Music for Pleasure which is also very good (New Order side project). It is very sad that New Order broke up, let’s hope they patch up their differences and make another album. Give the Bad Lieutenant a chance and you will love it.

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