Review: The Polar Dream – Follow Me To The Forest

The Polar Dream come from Guadalajara in Mexico; not the kind of area normally linked with post-rock releases, although their compatriots Kobol dispense a pleasing brand of jazz-electronica which has already been reviewed on these very pages. The Polar Dream represent a more familiar, melodramatic approach with a cinematic feel.

In typical post-rock way, ‘The Mountain’ sets the scene in epic fashion. Towering guitars and twinkly melodies are all mixed up together in to a lather smelling distinctly of Sigur Ros. ‘La Aldea’ is similarly bombastic but the inclusion of a melodica and trumpets on this track and the accordion for the utterly charming ‘Aurora At My Window’ adds unique elements. The group largely favour loud over quiet but – despite its opening shot of crashing waves – the piano-driven ‘Endless Tale’ adds much-needed subtlety, whereas ‘Leaves In The Sky’ also deserves a mention with its swooping key changes reflecting a sense of romantic longing.

What is most impressive about ‘Follow Me To The Forest’ is that it is resolutely tuneful. The disadvantage is that perhaps it’s a little too indebted to past masters of post-rock to truly shine in its own right.

Web Sites:
The Polar Dream MySpace

Further Listening:
Sigur Ros, Collapse Under The Empire


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