Review: How How – Bumpy EP

How How are a new electronica act from Poland who describe their music as “wobbly, ethereal, electracoustic music”. In accordance with their promise, they’ve even named their first release ‘Bumpy EP’ and it’s a rather uneven listen, in all honesty. 

Rather than East-European, ‘Before And After’ is more akin to Japanese music with light vocals clashing with experimental melodies. The song meanders tentatively but manages to stir itself briefly for a chorus of sorts. ‘February March’ is longer and more edifying; it has an easy listening vibe but with a staccato tempo. That uneasy alliance between sweetness and abrasion continues for ‘Flimp’ but these explorations finally reach fruition on the last track ‘Fircyk’. It’s no coincidence that the song is relatively straightforward but the combination of acoustic backing and queasy harmonies proves ultimately seductive.

‘Bumpy’ is certainly a very promising release which seems to improve track by track after its rather awkward beginning. The group’s commitment to experimental pop music is also something Cornelius would be proud of.

Web Sites:
How How MySpace
How How Bandcamp

Further Listening:
Cornelius, anata wa sukkari tsukarete shimai


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