Review: Talvihorros – Descent Into Delta

Talvihorros is a solo project from Londoner Ben Chatwick and his second album is a coming together of guitar and pedals-based live performances and studio material sourced from various instruments. Thus, ‘Descent Into Delta’ is the tremendously moving result.

Initially, there’s an aura of hostility and danger but then the searing drones of ‘Gamma’ soon give way to ‘Beta’. On this eight-minute piece, static and crumbling beats skate along a simple, glacial hook-line to mesmeric effect. Then ‘Alpha’ evokes a ghost ship drifting aimlessly in a lost sea; where every fragment of instrument sounds dislocated and lonely. It’s an impression that can only be exacerbated by ‘Theta’; employing descending guitar chords and angelic moans to symbolise drowning in the watery depths. Finally, for ‘Delta’ itself, there’s a serene, funereal air as Chatwin adds the most plaintive of guitar arrangements not unlike the eternally graceful work of Labradford.

The real skill of ‘Descent Into Delta’ is turning a harsh and angry beginning in to an elegant acceptance of destiny; however sad it may be. For a record that relies solely on instrumental music this is a considerable achievement which gives true meaning to the much over-used term, “emotional journey”.

Web Sites:
Talvihorros Official Site
Hibernate Records Label and Shop Page

Further Listening:
Flying Saucer Attack, Labradford

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