Review: Tuesday Glass – High Wired EP

Lending their weight behind the shoegaze revival are LA’s Tuesday Glass. Perhaps their most impressive calling card is that they are current high school students, since their EP is faithful to the genre cause but also blessed with maturity and tight musicianship.

Across half a dozen tracks, Tuesday Glass’ talents are clear to see. ‘Little Tokyo’ kicks off events in dreamy, highly melodic fashion where thick layers of guitar and brooding vocals are bolstered by driving rhythms. ‘Sunny’ is poppier but its echoed production takes it into Jesus And Mary Chain territory whilst ‘Summer Falls’ lays on the effects even more thickly. The rather fine ‘Less Than Zero’ breezes along in pleasant, jangly fashion too.

‘High Wired EP’ is a more than credible slice of nostalgia, which bolsters the group’s claim to evoke a “hazy reverie”. These “kids” are definitely all right.

Web Sites:
Tuesday Glass Bandcamp

Further Listening:
The Jesus And Mary Chain


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