Review: Between Days – All The Water; It Flows Out To Sea

Between Days is a new post-rock project from Pennsylvania resident Kenny Miller. Despite operating in a field where quiet music is almost inevitably followed by “the loud bit”, ‘All The Water; It Flows Out To The Sea’ is definitely dramatic but usually rises above the stereotypical post-rock traps.

From the opening piano melody to ‘Relapse’, one can tell that this is a classy (or even classical) album. One expects the trademark burst into guitar thunderstorms but the threat never materialises, which is actually quite refreshing in a way. The expected volume increase doesn’t take a long to arrive though.

‘A Lack Of Symmetry’ unleashes the noise complete with a lot of shouting from guest vocalist Bren King. On the other hand, ‘My Motivation For Being Alone’ unravels in subtler fashion; with guitars chiming in empathy with the despairing vocals. ‘The Furthest Place From Here’ contines the welcome trend for calm; it may feature the sounds of a plane taking off but the ambient rock approach demonstrates an understanding of the need for space.

A little momentum is lost on the final two tracks but by this time Miller and co. have shown that there is life in a genre that is in need of inspiration. Between Days won’t change your life but they may make it a tad more interesting.

Web Sites:
Between Days Bandcamp

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