Review: Snow Globe – Branching From Roots

Although there were elements of Signum Umbrae’s debut which implied that its teenage creator was making music for his own amusement, there were even more indications that the man behind it, San Jose’s Amrit Mahi, was a raw talent with specialisms in playing guitar and production. With that record somewhat dismissed by the musician as a parody, his current project, Snow Globe, is a much more serious proposition.

Snow Globe Album Cover

This much is apparent from the multi-layered electronica introduction of ‘Flashbacks’ but ‘Once A Whole, Never A Hole’ brings this idea into sharper focus as a sitar melody and Eastern rhythms contrast with techno. It’s just a shame the track didn’t exceed much more than two minutes and one wonders if Snow Globe will continue the Signum Umbrae trend of extremely short instrumental tracks. Thankfully, everything thereafter is at least three minutes long which gives time for Mahi to seduce the listener with the addictive tunes and hypnotic rhythms of ‘Blurred’ and ‘In Essence, In A Sense’; the latter, particularly, proving his expertise in percussion with Mahi adding live rather than pre-programmed drums. Thereafter, the album continues along this consistent theme but the quality is also maintained, perhaps peaking with the fluid Four Tet-like swirls of ‘The Foundation’.

Clearly, the improvement between Signum Umbrae and Snow Globe is vast. As well as making a seamlessly, flowing record, Mahi proves himself to be a very talented producer and arranger, who impresses even more with his drumming skills and a well-tuned ear for infectious melody.

Web Sites:
Snow Globe Bandcamp
Soundcloud Stream of ‘Branching From Roots’

Further Listening:
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